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Reinforced Concrete Lego Block Retaining Walls

We specialise in the design and installation of reinforced block retaining walls. These are the most economical solution for many applications.

Reinforced block retaining wall

The wall construction is very fast when comparing with traditional construction. The wall is reinforced using bars that thread through the blocks into the foundation. The foundation and the wall act together as a cantilever giving the structure strength and the ability to restrain the retaining material.

For more guidance on retaining wall design, download our retaining wall design guide. This will give you all the information you need. We can also support you using our years of experience designing and constructing retaining walls.

The design table below shows an example of the wall heights. We can design walls for many civil engineering problems using reinforced block retaining walls.

Block Selection

Depending on the height of the wall, the wall can be built using either a Virtabloc or a Stackablock.

Virtabloc is used for wall heights from 1.8m to 4.8m. The dimensions of this block are 600mm wide x 600mm high x 1800mm, 1200mm and 600mm long. The smaller lengths allow for bonding. The walls are built to a modular of 600mm. For more technical information about the blocks click on the technical information buttons below.

Virtabloc concrete lego blocks

Stackabloc is used for wall heights from 5.6m to 6.4m. The dimensions of this block are 800mm wide x 800mm high x 1600mm, and 800mm long. The smaller lengths allow for bonding. The walls are built to a modular of 800mm.

Stackabloc concrete lego blocks

Design Service

The design of a retaining wall requires knowledge of the retaining material, the water table, the ground bearing capacity and any site constraints. The design requires a ground investigation and a structural engineer to ensure the design is fit for purpose.

We offer a full design service from carrying out the ground investigation to final working drawings.

Get a Quote

We can give you a quotation for the supply and delivery of the blocks only or we can give you a proposal for design, supply and installation. You can request a call back by Click on the call back icon or call 01824 709102

Lego block call back

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